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Hi everybody. Well this is me, I'm a writer not a drawer so it would be rare for you to see drawings up here unless people want to see my cousins art, although my friends have told me that I'm good at drawing anime characters if I have a pic to compare it to. I love wolves, cheetahs, and ravens. Um... Right now I'm kinda drawing a blank on what else I should say so... bye.

Oh, and Llama for Llama! 460 given, 248 received! 198.something% give-back! :D

Current Residence: Somewhere in Colorado
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Punk, Alternative, Folk


EBC: Ice Empire Cerelia App by Celestia912
EBC: Ice Empire Cerelia App
Name: Cerelia

Nicknames: Lia, Cerel

Gender: Female

Starting: 3 years
   Current: Almost 4

Species: Serval

Rank: Gladiator

    Dominant: Spots [AA]; Dark colored back [AA]; Orange-red Fur [AA]; white underbelly [Aa]; Green Eyes [Aa]

    Recessive:White tail tip [aa]; Long tail [aa]; short and thick fur [aa]

TBA (I am gonna revamp it ^^)


Personality & Background

[Fierce] [Reckless] [Optimistic] [Erratic] [Sympathetic] [Free Spirited]

You don't want to be on Cerelia's bad side, that's for sure. She can be a bit hotheaded when she's angry, and will stop at nothing to get revenge if she feels it's needed. This determination however, makes her a force to be reckoned with in battle.

Cerelia has very poor judgement when determining things "unsafe." She is often known to jump into dangerous situations without a second thought. In fact, she sees them as a game, a challenge. She is almost impossible to stop once she gets an idea in her head. 

Cerelia refuses to look on the downside of things, always the upside. Because of this, she is rarely downhearted or depressed- it would take a lot to get her in that state. This personality has away of seeping in to those around her too, feeling them with hope in even the darkest times. 

Cerelia can be unpredictable, switching from mood to mood almost as though she were bipolar. Sometimes this can make it hard to approach her, but don't fear, she'll probably come up to you, especially if she catches you staring.

When she isn't too upset to care, she is a very sympathetic cat, offering comfort and advice where she is needed or wanted. Having been captured twice, she is especially relatable to cats who have been in the coliseums.

[Free Spirited]
Cerelia is not one to be caged, no matter where or by who. She wants to be able to choose her own path, and she loves to hear about far off places, making note in her head of them in hopes that she could go see them one day.

Cerelia is a gladiator of the Ice Empire. She is liked within her Empire, although a lot view her as slightly crazy. She is fun to be around when she is not angry, and tends to relieve the tension and stress of others in glum situations. More than anything, she loves stories. Sometimes she could be seen as having trust issues after being abandoned by her mentor, and then deserted by the cat who rescued her from her second time in captivity.

While Cerelia is small in comparison to many of the other wild cats in her Empire, her determination makes her a very good fighter. She isn't very strong, but is very quick and agile, making her hard to catch. Her claws are extremely sharp (maybe even a little more than normal) and she is good at using them to make clean, deep cuts. While, mentally, she is strong and can take a lot of hits, if she is pinned down, she is in trouble.

Cerelia lived wild on the plains of Africa when she was a young cub. Her parents, Sheez and Brom, raised her here until she was about half a year old. Then she was captured by humans along with her parents and whisked off to Rome. She has no idea what happened to the rest of her family after that, but she often thinks of them. She lived in Rome for one year, during which time she was trained as a coliseum fighter by a cat named Silvious. Silvious was kind and gentle, or as kind and gentle as a coliseum fighter could be. He was the only thing that had made her life berable. Then she was bought by a human in a city called Massilia. Distraught, she ran to Silvious, begging him to run away with her, to flee the city with her. She couldn't stand the thought of life alone in a strange city. But to her dismay, he simply shook his head and and told her that he belonged in Rome.

With animosity in her heart, she was loaded into a box, stuck on a caravan, and taken to the strange place of Massilia. Here she became a official fighter instead of working her way through the grueling training process. During her time in the arena, she was beaten only 3 times, and at home she was beaten often, and put into a cage every night. She hated coliseum life, but there was nothing for it, this was the life she was given. A year and a half after her transfer to Massilia, she began hearing that cats were beginning to find ways to escape. She could scareclly believe it at first, but as more and more cats vanished, and new ones took their place, she began to hope. Then, she began planning. Finally, she was ready to set the plan into motion. Every day, during the time that the cage was open, she shoved small things into the area where the lock bar went when the human locked the cage. After a few days, the lock wouldn't actually latch, and so, one night, under cover of darkness, she simply shoved her cage door open and fled the city. After that she desperately looked for the Empires, eventually finding the Ice Empire. It was here that she found the closest thing to home she had ever known.

But then, tragedy. During a solitary hunt, she was captured by the Hunters, and though she fought with everything she had, they took her, whisked her back to Massilia and threw her back into the very hell she had escaped. But this time, she wasn't owned by a human, just the coliseum. She had to stay in a room filled with rows and rows of cages, each cage with a shadowed figure, hunched in defeat. It was here that she met a rouge cat named Scalli, she was a wryly built cheetah with scars parting the fur all over her flanks. She was old, although Cerelia was never given an exact age. Over time they became friends, and then they began planning their escape. Scalli created the diversion, she 'collapsed' in her cage, wheezing and hacking up spit and scabling on the floor as though she were in pain. When the human came to check on her, she lept up burying her long fangs into the furless beasts throat. As he died, Scalli sprinted to Cerelia's cage, clawing it open. Together, they fled fighting off guards and Hunters as they went. When they finally got out of the city walls, Cerelia asked Scalli to join her, to go the the Ice Empire and live out her days there. The cheetah only chuckled, and shook her head. "No no, I'm not a group cat. I would like to die on my own in a quiet field back in Africa. Sorry girl, but we part ways here," the cheetah said, before giving her a light touch on the head and turning to sprint off into the distance. Cerelia watched her go for a while before she too returned home to the Ice Empire only to find a war brewing.


Training, Mentors, & Apprentices

Past Mentor(s): Parents, Silvious

Current Apprentice: None

Past Apprentices: None


Family & Relations


Mate: None
Cubs: None


Father: Brom (serval; location unknown)

Mother: Sheez (serval; location unknown)

Other Family Ties:

Bullet; White= Neutral
Bullet; Blue= Friend
Bullet; Green= Close Friend
Bullet; Yellow= Crush
Bullet; Pink= Love
Bullet; Red= Dislike/Hate
Bullet; Orange= Family/Mate
Bullet; Black= Jealous
Bullet; Purple= Respect

Blue Square Bullet Ice Empire Blue Square Bullet

Seizure Bullet Other Empires Seizure Bullet

Cat Bullet Black Outside the Empires Cat Bullet Black

Bullet; Green/Bullet; Yellow/Bullet; Red/Bullet; Purple Silvious- "I... I don't know. He was a kind cat, I think I could've loved him. And his talent was undeniable as a fighter. But he... He abandoned me! Why did he let me go? He knew he would never see me again! If I ever see him again I shred his ears for it!"

Bullet; Blue/Bullet; Purple Scalli- "She saved my life, I do not think I would've made it out without her. I wish she had come with me to the Ice Empire but... Well I cannot begrude her for wanting to go home."


Empire Statistics & Empire Points

Empire Points:
Stealth: 5
Intelligence: 6
Strength: 2
Defense: 3
Speed: 8
Stamina: 4


Wanted Status

Fleeing captivity, killing a human, assaulting Hunters


    Green eyes slid open as a clouded leopard stirred into wakefulness. The feline rose slowly to his paws from where he had fallen asleep on a high up tree branch. After a luxurious stretch, he clawed his way down to a lower branch from which he was able to jump onto the ground. He looked around the bustling Ferox camp, and let out a sigh. Across the camp, he noticed two Initiates, Silvius and Callisto, talking together while a group of Falcons left out the camp entrance. Venator, the Head Strategist, was talking with Flora and Zihark, the Head Anecdotist and Head Gatherer. The clouded leopard watched the hustle and bustle of camp for a moment before he turned and padded over to the front entrance. He paused for a moment to sit and give himself a quick grooming before he trotted out of the camp, ears pricked and eyes scanning the undergrowth. All was silent... he shrugged off the strange feeling and took of at a fast walk towards the river to get a drink.
    "Hey, Polemos!" a voice called, making he leopard jump, startled.
    He turned and saw lynx named Omalay running up to him. "Oh, Oma," he said with a lopsided grin. "You startled me," he confessed.
    She laughed and nudged him with her shoulder. "Where you goin'?"
    Polemos shrugged. "I don't know. Just walking, I guess."
    "How about we hunt?" she suggested.
    Polemos smiled and nodded. "Alright," he said, brightening. They turned and padded off into the forest side by side just as a pair of yellow eyes peered out from the boughs of a tree.


    Polemos had lived with the Ferox for about four moons now, and every day it felt more and more like home. At least... until this moon. Strange things were stirring, and every time he left the camp, it felt vaguely as though someone had their claws at his throat. At first he shrugged it off, but after a few days of the same thing, he could no longer deny what this sensation was; there were creatures out here with a vicious bloodlust. It only became worse as patrols began finding prey animals ripped apart and left for the crows. And then news began to trickle on of Solus cats just... vanishing. A sense of foreboding, of being prey in ones home settled over Ferox land like dust.
    Polemos knew with all his heart that something was wrong, something was coming... or it was already here. Whenever the Gatherer went hunting by himself he had the horrible feeling that he was being watched by someone... or something. On patrols it felt as though someone was following just behind them, just out of sight, planning how to kill them. The clouded leopard hadn't felt such malice in the air since his last time in the Coliseum. Nothing else was comparable, not even the steely glare of the Hunters. And yet, food still had to be brought home, and so with a nervous flick of his tail, Polemos left the camp at a steady trot, planning on catching as much as he could before the malice forced him back home.
    He was getting near to a river than had been stolen by a Solus cat when the breeze changed, bringing with it the scent of rabbit. He turned away from the border, padding silently through the undergrowth, ears perked and jaws slightly parted to catch the scent. He froze; the rabbit was on the other side of a wide bush before him. He could smell it, and hear it scuffling around in the grass, and if he listened close enough then he could hear it's little heart thumping. Polemos slid into his hunting crouch and silently glided across the forest floor on silent paws. He rounded the bush, ears pressed flat to his head as he slipped into tall grasses; he was trying to make himself small enough to not be seen above the tall stalks. He scarcely dared to breathe, lest he move the grass and alert the rabbit to his presence. Once more, the leopard froze, but this time he was in pouncing range, although he still couldn't see the rabbit through the grass, he knew he was close now. His muscles tensed, and he held still but a moment longer before he launched himself out of his cover, claws out and ready to deliver a killing blow.
    But in front of him was not a rabbit, but a cat, a leopard like himself, but bigger than he had ever imagined a leopard could get. This leopard was a rusty golden color, almost as though his fur had been permanently stained with blood. His shoulders were broad, and his teeth, which the cat was showing by way of a cruel smirk, were long and deadly looking. His eyes flashed with silvery green fire, surrounded on either side by jagged scars going down from the cats' left ear to the edge of his muzzle; when he smirked it wrinkled the scarred skin strangely, giving his already terrifying appearance a touch of gruesome horror. Time slowed, and Polemos processed everything very quickly from this point on; the other cat had his claws buried in the grass, some of it had been torn up and tossed aside, a dead rabbit sat between his paws, it's blood spread all over the forest floor to make the rabbit scent stronger, and he had beat his tail softly against a piece of wood to mimic the heartbeat. This was an ambush.
    Polemos tried to twist out of the way even as he was soaring through the air. The other leopard reared up and hooked his claws into the Gatherer's shoulder, spinning on his back legs to propel Polemos head first into a tree. As he sat, dazed, trying hard as he could to regain his paws and clear the blurriness in his mind the leopard was on him again. Polemos turned, a paw raised, and aimed for his face. The other cat dodged easily, bringing his own paw up to grab Polemos's and slam it into the forest floor, pulling a cry of pain from the smaller of the two. The clouded leopard dove forward, ramming his shoulder hard into the other cat, driving him back into the bush with a roar of fury. And the bloody-gold colored cat scrambled to escape the branches, Polemos cuffed him round the ears, almost ripping one, and leaving a bloody scratch across his nose. With a yowl of fury, his assailant tore himself free of the bush and leaped on top of the smaller cat, his claws ripping into the flesh of his back and making blood spray through the air.
    A moment passed, and the primal drumbeat sounded in Polemos's ears once again, followed closely by fear; it was not a fear of the cat with was grinning cruelly down at him as he dug his claws into meat and bone, nor was it fear of death, it was fear of himself, of what he might do. But he couldn't let his fear lead him away from this, he needed savagery if he were to make it out alive. The small cat slithered around under the larger, eventually flipping around to lay on his back. He reached up, lightning fast, with all four paws, gripping the other cat hard. He jerked the cat closer to him, bearing his fangs, leaning his face up so that his breath blew the fur back on the others face. A growl rippled through his chest and up his throat, before he shoved upwards as hard as he could, sending his opponent high into the air. By the time he had regained his paws, the amur leopard was falling to the earth.
    With a hiss and a snarl, the other cat was on his feet again, crouched down and ready to leap. Polemos tensed, his eyes flashing with pain and rage as he prepared for the next assault. When the leap finally came it was not straight for him as the clouded leopard had expected, but for the empty space a few pawsteps to the left of him. The amur leopard, the nameless behemoth, lunged towards the smaller cat the second his paws hit the ground, sending his sprawling in the dust. Before he could regain his paws, his opponent was on top of him, pinning him to the ground with paws that seemed like they could be as big as his head. He opened his mouth and leaned down, quick as a snake. Just before those cruel fangs closed on his throat, a voice called out. "Stop," it commanded with simple, quiet authority.
    The amur leopard froze, his teeth just piercing his neck flesh, and Polemos was startled at the amount of control such a bloodthirsty cat had. He raised his head and turned to look over his shoulder, Polemos could see nothing of this newcomer, and he didn't know if they were friend of foe. "Release him," the voice ordered calmly, and to his surprise, the amur leopard stepped back, glancing ruefully back at the clouded leopard in the dust. He scrambled to his paws, panting, his fur bushed out to twice his normal size. "Relax. If we were going to kill you, well, you would know by the being dead already." Polemos's turned his green gaze on two female snow leopards standing side by side. From behind them emerged another snow leopard, a male, he held his head low, his narrowed eyes fixed on Polemos, with an obvious warning 'Do anything stupid, and I would happily separate your body from your throat.' All four cats exuded such strength, such bloodlust, it chilled the small leopard to the core. One of the snow leopards, a female, and the one who had spoken, stepped forward a pace. She wore a cape made of furs and feathers, maybe some leathers, and she held her head high, the way a leader does.
    From behind her, the other female suddenly giggled eerily. "Aren't you the unlucky kitty?" she asked with a wicked grin. Suddenly it all came crashing back, Polemos had met that leopard once before, when he Flora, Zihark and the Solus cat had been attacked; this was the feline who had stopped the assault then.
    The one in the cape glanced back. "You know this cat?"
    "We attacked him, and a few of his friends a few days ago," she said with a snicker.
    The caped one looked back at him, with her own smirk. "Oh, this is amusing." She took a few slow steps forward, looking elegant and dangerous. "I am sorry," she said in a voice that showed she really wasn't sorry at all. "But my subordinate here," she continued, resting the tip of her tail on the shoulder of the amur leopard for just a second. "He just needed to shed some blood, and I figured it couldn't hurt to show you what we are capable of. She leaned in really close now, her hot breath ghosting over his face. "If I were you, I would run on home and tell your leader that it would be wisest to leave, give us your lands and go, before your pelts get added to our armor," she said in the calmest voice imaginable, which only made it more unnerving. It would've been easier if she had been snarling, he had to force himself not to take a step back away from this eerily calm cat who wanted to flay him for fur to line her den. The other three watched on, and their expressions only made what this mysterious leader cat had told him more believable.
    "What are you waiting for boy?" growled the male snow leopard. "Run." Polemos glanced between all of them once more before he turned tail and ran. He could hear them laughing behind him as he retreated.


    Polemos stumbled into the camp as the sun was sinking in the sky, blood dripped down his flanks and the fur at his throat had grown a little matted from the punctures the huge amur leopard had left there. He stumbled and nearly fell, but a shoulder caught him, he looked over to see the Head Gatherer, Zihark. "My god lad, what has happened to you?" he exclaimed, holding the leopard steady. Polemos didn't speak, but forced his tired legs to move towards the Anecdotists den. "Flora!" he cried out, his voice breaking as he fell into coughing. He stumbled into the den before falling to the ground there, Zihark nearly falling with him. Flora rushed up to him, her eyes flying wide when she saw him bloodied and battered.
    "Polemos! Are you alright? What happened?" she gasped. Polemos blinked up at her through bleary eyes, fighting staying conscious despite the pain he was in.
    "It was them," he choked out.
    "Them?" she asked, before sharing a significant glance with Zihark.
    "You have to be more specific lad," Zihark urged gently.
"THEM," Polemos hissed out before falling into another coughing fit. "Those beasts that attacked us."
    "Oh, no," Flora whispered.
    "You... they told me... They want us to leave. They want us to give up our lands and leave." Polemos struggled to his paws.
    "Stop lad, before you fall over again," Zihark said, once again taking up the task of supporting the leopard.
    "We cannot let them win," Polemos growled weakly.
TRD: The Visitors
AHHHHHHH holy crap! I've been trying to write this for WEEKS I tell you! And it's finally done! :D

So, this story was mainly written to introduce my newest character for TRD, Vladislav, the scary amur leopard who just totally messed up poor Polemos. Plus it's kinda fun to beat up on Polemos ^^'' And, jeez I didn't even realize how many leopards I had chosen for this until I was half way done and it was too late to turn back xD

Total Word Count: 2,242 soooo... 15 deni?? I'll give it to Vladislav :3

Omalay (c) kaantarell 
Lene (c) baliwik 
Mourey (c) Staniqs 
Ronin and Flora (c) Tenebra-Fengari 
Zihark (c) Kamari-Inuzuka 

If I got anyones character wrong, or anything like that, let me know and I'll be sure to fix it! :3
Stolen from ValkyrieMoon 

Bullet; YellowAsian Dragon 3/6
[x] you like shining orbs
[] you're taller than average
[/] you're smart (Mmn people say I am but I don't think I am, and I should know, I'm in my head XD)
[/] you love Asian culture(s)
[x] you like clear colors like Red, Green and Gold
[] you love goldfishes

Bullet; PurpleWestern Dragon 4/6
[x] You have a colorful personality
[x] you love big open fields
[x] you love flying
[] you like to try new things
[x] you'd like to master an element or two
[] you get along with almost anyone

Bullet; BlueSea Dragon 1/6
[] you love water
[] you're mysterious
[x] you like to be alone
[] nobody knows much about you
[] rainy days are the best
[] You love sea-food

Bullet; GreenForest Dragon 5.5/6
[x] you love plants and nature
[x] you don't like the city
[x] you love animals
[x] you'd like to be a tree (I WILL BE ENT! XD)
[x] you'd survive in the wild
[/] technology is not really your thing

Bullet; OrangeMountain Dragon 1/6
[] Volcanoes and lava fascinates you
[] you got a short temper
[x] you enjoy mountain hiking
[] you like/would like mountain activities (skiing, Hang gliding, etc.)
[] you think Caves are cool
[] You collect rocks

Bullet; BlackTiny Dragon 1/6
[] you don't like open spaces
[] you're quick both physical and psychical
[] you're hyper most of the time
[] you hate to wait
[] you're lovable
[x] you love candy and sweet things

Bullet; RedTreasure Dragon 5/6
[x] you don't like humans
[] You're greedy
[x] You love to nap
[x] you like terrorizing people (If by terrorize you mean prank then yes XD)
[x] you enjoy watching others suffer (Uhhh I really like shows and anime like Attack on Titan, and I think that counts XD And my RP characters suffer so much ^^'')
[x] you like collecting stuff

Well... I guess I'm a forest dragon with a little bit of Treasure dragon haha ^^'' Can't complain. I love forests. And shinny things lol

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