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Name: Polemos
Species: Clouded Leopard
Gender: Male
Rank: Gatherer
     Starting: 4 years old
     Current: 4 years old
     Dominant: Long canine teeth (AA), Grey-green eyes (Aa), short legs (AA), long tail (Aa), rounded out ears (Aa), back legs longer than front (AA)
     Recessive: Thin tail, dark gold fur
     Carrier traits: Golden-brown eyes, thick tail, light gold fur, pointed ears
Physical Description:
     General: Polemos is on the tall size for his species, with a black metal earring in his right ear and the old chain collar from when he was owned by a human (see below) around his neck. His fur is a blackish gold along with the normal clouded spots, wide earnest eyes, and short, thick fur.
     Build: He is stocky, with well built muscles, and broad shoulders.
     Height: 22 inches
     Length: 73 inches with tail (body 40 inches, tail 33 inches)
     Empathetic: He is very ready to listen to problems and experiences other cats have had, and can very easily give out advice and console others.
     Sociable: He is very comfortable talking with others; he is outgoing with new cats, and enjoys meeting new Initiates.
     Gentle: He can be a viscous fighter, but after everything that happened before he joined the Ferox (see background) he tries to avoid it whenever possible, taking a more nurturing role rather than a destructive one.
     Young-hearted: His way of saying playful, especially with cubs.
     Sarcastic: Often times he comes off as rude or mean, but it is usually just his playful joking side making an appearance.
Background: My name is Polemos, I was born in captivity to clouded leopard parents I have no memory of. From what I understand, not long after me and my siblings were born, we were sold individually to the highest bidders. I was sold to a human named Alexander. He wanted a pet, and I was all alone, and knew nothing else.

When I turned two, however, Alexander fell into debt, and he needed money. So he entered me in the fights that took place within the Coliseum. I was a natural, adapting to the brutality like a land walking fish diving into water. Each fight I was entered in, I made it out in one piece, and Alexander found something great for him, an almost surefire way to get money fast. And so this was how we lived, and eventually, Alexander was no longer in debt, and the extra money I earned fighting was used to buy me a friend. Her name was Jasmine, a leopard like me, with endless grace.

We became fast friends, and when she grew round with cubs, Alexander stopped entering me in the fights, so that I could be with my mate. She gave birth to three healthy cubs, two boys and a girl. I loved them dearly, and loved being a father more than the fights or anything else. But when they were weaned of their mothers’ milk, Alexander sold them. Jasmine and I were heartbroken, but we knew it was for the best. Alexander dipped in and out of debt, and here they would no doubt be entered into the fights one day. Not long after the cubs were gone, I was entered into the fights once more. But a few months later, I was injured. My front leg was dislocated, and my paw was broken. I couldn’t fight without dying for sure.

We managed for a while during my down time, but then Alexander fell back into debt, and in an act of desperation, he entered Jasmine into the fights. She lasted two rounds through them, and then died from her wounds. I was grief-stricken, a hollow shell of my former self. I was like this for many months. But then something amazing happened. Alexander took me outside of the city, and set me free. I couldn’t believe it at first, and just stood there beside him, stunned. And then, I leapt into the trees. It was amazing and wonderful. I leapt from tree branch to tree branch like a squirrel. In nature, I found myself again, I found peace, and it hurt a little less to think of Jasmine. I spent a few days on my own before I ran into a few members of the Ferox. They took me back to their home, and I have been there ever since. After my stage as an Initiate was through I chose the life of a Gatherer because I enjoy seeing the new cats fleeing Rome and teaching them, showing them our ways, and how to survive. Not only survive physical dangers, but mental and emotional ones too.
Skills and Stastics:
     Extra Skills: He can jump very high, a natural trait of clouded leopards, and it shows itself outwardly in his slightly longer back legs.
     Tactics: 5
     Endurance: 6
     Speed: 4
     Strength: 8
     Defense: 7
     Attack: 7
Extra Information:
     Quirks: He likes to see how long he can hang upside down from a tree branch.
     Habits:  When he gets excited, he has a tendency to bounce and/or jump.
     Ideals: He is a big believer in the karmic cycle, and does everything he can to help others.
     Morals: He believes that young should be protected above all else.
     Items: Earring in his right ear and a chain collar with his name stamped into a circular metal tag.
     Likes: Cubs, making friends, teaching and learning, and rescuing cats
     Dislikes: Fighting, mud, open spaces like plains and grasslands.
Mentors and Apprentices: None at the moment, but if you want him to be a mentor or have been your apprentice, let me know. :D
Roleplay Tracker: None, but if you want to start a RP with Polemos, let me know.
Art Tracker: None.
     Mate: Jasmine (Deceased)
     Cubs: 3 unknown (two boys and a girl)
Relationships: None
Roleplay Example:
Polemos looked across the arena at his opponent, another leopard, but much bigger than him, with scars from old battles all across its muzzle and flanks. He began moving along the wall of arena, his eyes fixed on the other cat.
Kenai was no stranger to combat; he was his owners’ star cat. So, when the squat cat that was his challenger began to circle him, he mimicked the movement, tail tip twitching.
Polemos continued his circle, muscles tensed with the waiting.
Kenai felt annoyance and impatience grow in his belly, and he charged forward, with a snarl. He raised a paw, hoping to get a solid blow to Polemos’s head.
Polemos leapt into the air as Kenai swung, feeling the paw catch on his back leg. It threw him off balance, and he tumbled to the ground, rolling away from his opponent before leaping to his paws once more, shaking off the tingling sensation in his hind leg.
Kenai spun around quickly, and charged again, diving forward in an attempt to pin his opponent to the ground.
Polemos jumped again, getting the timing better this time, and landing behind Kenai. He spun, aiming for the other leopards haunches.
TRD Winter Solus Assignment
Part 1
The Freezing Times
Caedis crouched on the branch of a tree, looking down on the snowy covered ground below her. She had been living as a Solus in the wilds outside Rome for almost a year now, having turned 3 a month ago. She had adapted well, but this was her first winter alone, and she found everything harder than it was inside the walls of the city. The prey grew amazingly scarce, the ground was hard, the winds were strong and blasted freezing cold in your face and made your eyes sting, and the trees offered less and less shelter as they lost leaves.
Movement on the ground below her caught her eye, and she saw a snow rabbit snuffling around under her. She tensed her muscles and leaped, but her hind leg slipped on the icy bark and she tumbled down through the air with a high pitched squeak of alarm. The rabbit darted for cover, but it ran under her and she landed on top of it. She gave it a quick bite to finish it and sat down, panting. “Thank you, for the life you give to keep me strong, little hare,” she murmured quietly, before picking up the limp body and heading into the forest to find a more suitable tree to take shelter in. She was silently grateful for her long legs that kept her belly from getting wet, but snow clung all over her from her fall, and she ached too much to clean it off right away.
So she found a tree with a few pitiful leaves clinging to it and climbed up. She carefully placed her kill over two branches and sighed. Her armor was cold and heavy, and after she could bear it no longer, Caedis removed it and placed it on a branch just above her. Then she laid her head down and drifted into sleep.
Part 2
The Illness
Caedis woke with a loud sneeze that nearly knocked her out of her branch. She got stiffly to her paws, dismayed to see that more snow had fallen while she slept, and it had covered her in a thick blanket. She groaned and leaned down to uncover her hare, pausing to sneeze again. “Lovely,” she muttered. “Frozen rabbit.” She ate quickly, wincing at the cold shooting through her teeth. Afterwards she put on her armor again and dropped out of the tree.
She stalked through the woods, but no prey seemed out at all today, and her paws were beginning to feel like bricks of ice. She also kept on sneezing, which couldn’t help her food situation. Eventually she found an earthen cave dug out of the ground, and she crawled down into it. It was empty, though it smelled faintly of something canine. She didn’t care though; it may be cramped and a little uncomfortable, but it was very warm, and there was only one way in.
The next morning Caedis found that her condition had improved a little, but she still had the persistent sneeze, and she had developed a cough, although her weakness seemed to be mostly gone. But she knew she could return to that state, or worse, in an eye blink. So she decided that she had to come up with a plan, some way to improve her health, survive the winter.
Part 3
The Desperation
Caedis crouched in some sparse bushes along the trail the humans used to get though the forest. Caravans came through often, if she could sneak quietly on and off of them, one of them was bound to have some medicine she could use, maybe some food too. It was almost half a day before a group came trudging by, with a big covered cart drawn by some sort of horse. It was surrounded on either side by men with weapons. She studied it for a moment before turning and running on ahead, quietly as possible, suppressing her sneezes and coughs best as she could. She found a tree with a wide branch that stretched over the trail, and she climbed up it, digging her claws in hard. By the time she made it to the middle of the appropriate branch the caravan was pulling up under her. She waited, holding her breath, and just as the edge of the back of the cart went under she dropped down, catching the edge of the wood with her claws and swinging inside, more by accident then on purpose.
Caedis lay panting and wheezing on the wood, part of her wanting to sleep there. But she forced herself to stand on wobbly legs and search through the sacks and crates. She found various foods, fruits, meats, and grains. She tucked her cape into her armor to make an improvised pouch, and stuffed it full. Then, in the last crate, she found a few medicines, it was one small box, so she didn’t feel right taking more than a few, but afterwards, she waited until the cart hit a bump and leapt out the back, falling headfirst into a bristly bush. She scrambled frantically, wheezing, and by the time she got out and spun around, the caravan was fading into the distance. Caedis heaved a sigh of relief, gathered up a few things that fell out when she jumped, and returned to the little hole in the ground, taking off her cape outside to get in, pulling it in after her.
She rested here for a few days, taking the first medicine her second night when she grew worse, and then the last one the day after. She ate the food gratefully, renewing her strength. When Caedis finally emerged, her black and golden pelt was smooth and silky again, and her eyes were bright. She stalked off into the trees, leaving behind her little hole, and the illness, heading back into the branches, where she belonged.
TRD Winter Solus Assignment Caedis
Caedis's winter assignment, I chose healing herself from an illness, but it has a tiny bit of the hunting too. :) Enjoy
                                                                                                   TRD - Solus Crest by Staniqs

Name: Caedis
Species: Cheetah((mother))/Black Panther(Javan Leopard)((father)) Hybrid
Gender: Female
Rank: Solus
    Starting:3 Years
    Current: 3 Years
    Dominant: long legs (AA maternal), lean muscle (Aa maternal), non-retractable claws (AA maternal), sleek fur (Aa paternal),  broad, rounded head (AA paternal), large jaws (Aa paternal), long tail (AA maternal),         thicker body build (Aa paternal), ‘tear’ marks (AA maternal), deep chest (AA maternal)
    Recessive: grey-blue eyes, pointed ears, thick fur
    Carrier: spots, thin body build, retractable claws, coarse fur, small head
    Mutations: King cheetah marks, six toes on front paws
Physical Description:
    Weight: 110 lbs
    Height: 30 inches tall (at shoulder)
    Appearance: She is tall with broad shoulders, sleek golden and black fur (her spots having fused to become the king cheetah marks she has more black than gold), wide grey- blue eyes, and a silver bracelet around         her front right leg.
    Quiet: She feels awkward, and even though she wants to be outspoken sometimes, she thinks that other cats think she’s an idiot when she talks too much, so she takes the silent approach often as she can.
    “Sharp” tongue: Although she may not always have a lot to say, if she feels insulted or threatened her tongue will cut your ego better than her claws could.
    Attentive: Sometimes she seems to be lazy, not paying much attention to anything, but in reality she is always watching her surroundings, observing other cats and sending lots of time “feeling out” cats before she         will actually approach them.
    Believer: Even though she left the Bounty Hunters, she still believes in the Gods, just not in the Bounty Hunters interpretation.
    Questioner: She has a habit of questioning everything, which was one of the biggest things that lead to her defection from the Bounty Hunters.
Background: Caedis was born in the wild to a cheetah mother and black panther father on a hot morning under the shade of the trees just next to the wide plains. It was here that she lived; her father a silent guardian among the dense trees, and her mother always on the ground with her; for the first two months of her life. It was peaceful, but Caedis’s parents were always on watch, looking for something that never seemed to come. But then it did come, the Bounty Hunters stole through the darkness of night and snatched up her and her parents and whisked them off to Rome. Her parents were sent immediately off to the fights, as far as Caedis knows, they died in them. But, in Caedis, the Bounty Hunters saw the beautiful blend of strength, speed, and silence, and the ability to teach her to think as they do, so they kept her. She underwent all of the intense, brutal training they had to offer, and by the time she was almost through, she thought just as they do, and revered the Gods above. But when they first took her out on a raid, the wild landscape awoke something in her, something instinctive and ancient. She tried to resist it, but the call of nature was too great, and then she began thinking, “Why would the Gods want us to stay in this horrible city and entertain humans when this feeling… this instinct to run free is so strong? It could not possibly be their will that we suffer so in the cramped streets of this place.” The more she thought about this, the more difficult it felt for her to breathe in within the walls of the city. So, after her training was completed, she went to the leader of the Bounty Hunters and asked to be free. He vehemently denied her request, and she tried to shove her feelings down. But they kept returning, stronger and stronger with each raid, so she began planning her escape. But her goal seemed impossible. After she had placed her request, it seemed that someone was always watching her, and Caedis was smart enough to know it wasn’t a coincidence. So she waited for the opportune moment. It wasn’t until a particularly large Farox attack on the Hunters that she saw her chance. She slipped away through the thick of the fighting. But she found leaving the city itself even more difficult than her initial escape. She spent the night in the city, and when she woke, the Hunters were looking for her. She was left no other option than to evade and hide. She lived this way in the city for three days and three nights. On the fourth night, however, she gained access to the sewers. She used them to find her way out of the city, and out into the open night. Her first reaction upon hitting the fresh air was to run. She had no particular direction, but she knew she shouldn’t get near to the Defectors. With her specially made armor, thick robes the color of the sun with metal plate armor hidden underneath, her silver bracelet around her ankle and a red chain collar resting on her throat, she knew that they would think her dangerous. When she hit the Defection Woods she finally stopped running and slipped among them gratefully. She found a large tree with wide branches, and climbed up until she found a suitable perch. The following two months were spent adapting her skills taught by the Bounty Hunters to hunting and surviving in the wild on her own.
Skills and Statics:
    Tactics: 6
    Endurance: 6
    Speed: 9
    Strength: 8
    Defense: 5
    Attack: 7
Extra Information:
    Quirks: She is trying to learn how to speak squirrel in her free time, but hasn’t gotten far at all.
    Habits: She thanks animals she kills for food for feeding her.
    Ideals: She still believes in the Roman Gods, and will sometimes pray to them.
    Morals: She is a firm believer that what you put out comes back to you, and is trying to atone for the lives she helped to snuff out by returning cats to Rome.
    Items: Silver bracelet, red chain necklace, her plate armor and cape (described above), and a tail ring that used to be her mothers.
    Likes: Running, climbing, cat watching
    Dislikes: Fish, water, sewers, tunnels, and caves
    Orientation: Straight
    Random Info: Her name isn’t the one originally given to her by her parents. Her old name (Which she doesn’t remember now) was Sahirra.
Mentors and Apprentices:
    Where they learned: In Rome
    Who they were taught by: The Bounty Hunters
    Have they ever/are they currently teaching anyone else: None
Roleplay Tracker:
    Roleplays are open~! Message me if you want to roleplay with Caedis
    I prefer to roleplay through dA notes.

   Current Roleplays: Caedis and Celena (Dominique2000) In Progress
Art Tracker: TBA
    Mother: Syrinx-cheetah with king cheetah marks ((Deceased))
    Father: Saltus-all black Javan Leopard(black panther) ((Deceased))
Relationships: TBA
Roleplay Example:
Sahirra crouched down in a small patch of grass, waggling her tiny haunches, eyes fixed on a twitching leaf sitting on the ground a short pounce away from her.
Syrinx stepped over to her daughter on light paws. “What are you doing Sahirra?”
Saltus looked down from his perch, his attention drawn by the sound of his mates voice. He leaned over a bit more to get a better look and almost missed the flicker of movement that announced the approach of two cats. It was too far to tell if they were from Farox or if they were Hunters. He jumped quickly out of his tree and strode forward to stand next to Syrinx. He watched the cats with narrowed grey eyes, waiting to see if they would approach.
Sahirra pounced, unaware of the potential danger nearby. She turned to her parents with a triumphant squeak, the leaf in her claws.
Syrinx bent her head to lick her daughters ears. “Very good, my dear,” she murmured before straightening and fixing her golden eyes on the far off cats. She turned look at her mate. “What do we do if they come over?”
“Don’t worry, Syrinx my love,” he said quietly, meant for her ears alone. “If they do come over, I will handle it. They won’t lay a paw on either of you.”


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