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Hi everybody. Well this is me, I'm a writer and occasional drawer, and sometimes photographer haha. I love art of all kinds, and I love wolves, cheetahs, and ravens. Sometimes I can come off as a little bit of a spaz over the internet, but I promise I'm not scary ahah, and I won't bite. I'm a very spiritual person, and I love fantasy of all kinds. I LOVE roleplaying, and if you are in one of the RP groups that I am a part of, don't be afraid to ask for a roleplay! Unless I say otherwise in a journal, I am ALWAYS open for roleplays!

Oh, and Llama for Llama! 460 given, 248 received! 198.something% give-back! :D

Current Residence: Somewhere in Colorado
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Punk, Alternative, Folk


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COR: Cashmyrr Character App by Celestia912
COR: Cashmyrr Character App

Name: Cashmyrr (But don’t call him that he will LIGHTYOUONFIRE)

            Nicknames: Ash, Cas

Gender: Male

Age: 4 1/2

Species: Keeshond

Position/Rank: Blacksmith (hopefully! :D?)

Height: 18 in (at the shoulder)

Weight: 44 lbs


Physical Description:

Ash is very well built, with thick and strong muscles, generally hidden by his extremely long and ‘shaggy’ fur. He is a medium sized dog, although he is large for his breed of dog. His fur is exceptionally long, and colored in blacks, greys and white. His nose, a dark purplish red, is a little big and bulky (he hates his nose). His eyes are small, and sometimes they almost completely disappear under his poofy fur; when you can manage to see them, he has one green eye and one blue.



None yet


Weapon of Choice:

Blacksmiths Hammer


Physical Traits (traits that may be carried on)

-Dominant: Long fur, Black fur, grey/silver fur, thick muscles, curled tail

-Recessive: White fur, small eyes, large nose

-Carrier: Green eyes, blue eyes, small nose

-Mutations: Heterochromia (one eye blue, one green)



Gruff: “Uhh… well… thanks and everything. But will you go away? I don’t… I don’t know what to say and you make me feel weird so leave.”

He is a gruff, and awkward dog. When complimented with, or if he were every flirted with, he really just wouldn’t know what to say and would just send you away with a firm poker face. He isn’t used to being in social situations, and so he will be almost brutally honest and tell you what and why and then tell you to go away.

Short-Tempered: “Yes, I know I have a weird name. Yes I know you find it amusing. What I wonder though, is how amusing you would find my name while you were on FIRE!”

Ash hates his name. He really does. And he refuses to let anyone call him by his full name. Call him that and you may wake one day to patches of your fur burned off. The only thing that irritates him more than his name is birds.


He is exceptionally stubborn once he decides how to do something. Even if he finds out that he is doing it the hard way. He will continue on with his original plan until the end. And this often leads to him insulting the materials he is working with, as though verbally demeaning them will make them do what he wants better and quicker.

Strange: “Fire is a beautiful being and it should be respected.” “Uhh… Ash…” “It’s hard to explain when you keep interrupting.” “But Ash, your tail is on fire.” “AAAAAHHHHHHHH F***” “…”

Cas has the oddest love for fire and, given the chance, will talk about how great fire is for hours. But fire doesn’t really seem to love him back, or maybe it loves him too much. He very often gets lit on fire working at his forge and can be seen, almost daily, running for the ocean with part of his fur smoking/smoldering/flaming.

Playful: “Be careful~! I’ve laid out traps all around you, and to win the game you can’t trigger any of them~!”

He loves games, especially pranks and trap type games; he spends his free time designing traps to spring one on some unsuspecting member of Lambda. When he is in a playful mood is one of the few times that you can see him smile.

Crude: “S#!% F*** A$$ I BROKE IT!”

Cas is very… unreserved about his speech, and while he doesn’t curse all the time, during his workings at the forge you can often hear strings of curses floating out of his den. He’s not the most polite dog in the world, although he can be personable when he puts forth the effort.


Background Info/History:

Cashmyrr was born to two keeshond parents that he never met. He was told that both of them left the Vault against the wishes of the rest of the dogs, and they were probably dead. He didn’t care so much though; talking with older dogs was strange, it was better to be by himself, well, with the exception of Kath. She was a peppy German Shepherd that basically adopted him and cared for him after the loss of her litter of pups. She had always said that they were meant to be together because their names sounded so similar; Cas and Kath. When he was 6 months old, the Vault was opened, and dogs began attempting to explore. He never saw any of the dogs who left again. Until a dog named Nord went out and returned. Then all of a sudden the dogs were all leaving the Vault, including Kath, and she wanted him to go with her; she wouldn't take no for an answer. But… Cas didn’t want to go. He liked the Vault, it was a good place. There was so much shinny stuff. And it was always warm and safe and there was no such thing as ‘wind’, ‘rain’, ‘snow’, or anything like that.


So, when some of the Paradise dogs left to see if the city outside the walls of Paradise was inhabitable, he went with them. But during the trek he snuck away from the future Paradise dogs, when Kath went off to get a drink of water from a nearby source. He tried to find his way back to the Vault that had been his only home, but he got lost. Alone and scared, he wandered until he found a little hole in the ground to sleep in for the night. The next day, he started his search anew. He wandered in this fashion for a few weeks before he finally came upon another Vault; but he did not find any dogs, no familiar faces, scents or sounds. It was not the same one as the one he had grown up in; the door had been blown down and the main entrance area was all rubble and dirt and dust. But once he got further down in the Vault he discovered animals living there, prey and predator alike, an ecosystem in and of itself, with plants that grew in darkness, supported only by a steady leak of water in a wall lower in the Vault.


It was here that he made his home. He lived here for three years of his life. But at 4, something happened, something changed. A mutated beast had found its way into his home, it attacked him, it wounded him, and it drove him from home. Battered and beaten, he limped away from his Vault, forsaking it with a heavy pain in his heart. For almost half a year he wandered, until he found the magnificent body of water called the ‘ocean’. He followed the shore for a while, and then, he found Lambda. At first he was wary, he would only come and talk with a few dogs before leaving quickly. But then, one day, he found that he could stay here. He learned of the thing called ‘fire’ here, it was amazing, and it was all he wanted to look at. When he learned of the Blacksmith opening, and that it involved not only fire, but shinny metals too, he jumped at the chance of getting his dream job.



    ·         Ash loves to make traps

    ·         He HATES his full name, and doesn't even tell dogs what it is; instead he introduces himself as Cas.

    ·         Due to his frequent ‘catching on fire’ incidents, he has begun thinking about shaving off some of his fur.

    ·         Cas HATES birds.

    ·         Sometimes, when he doesn’t know how to deal with a conversation, he will just get up and walk away.

    ·         He dog watches fairly often.

    ·         He loves shinny things, which is probably why he likes working with metal so much.

    ·         He likes water, but he just hates when water puts out fire when he is working.



            Mate: None

            Parents: Unknown

            Siblings: Unknown

            Uncles: Unknown

    Aunts: Unknown

    Cousins: Unknown


Other Info


CP Balance:


-Strength 8

-Defense 4

-Agility 5

-Speed 4

-Intelligence 6

-Stamina 7

-Vitality 6

-Stealth 3


Drawing Records

AAAAAAHHHHHhhh another character!!! AND I PUT HIM ON THE APP MAHSELF!!! But anyways, this is my new character and I hope everyone likes him!

205 deviations
Hi guys! So.... I was gone for a while, I unexpectedly lost internet for a while but it's back for good now! :D

Anyways, this is a journal to keep track of my to do list, and to let anyone out there who cares exactly what is going on ^^''

First off, my RPs. Ahhhh so many ;^; I'm so sorry that I haven't replied to you all in so long. Once the war in EBC started I took an unannounced RP break until it was over, but I am back now and I haven't forgotten you guys! I should hopefully be able to respond to all of my unreplied RPs today, tomorrow at the latest.

Now for all the RP groups I'm in.


1. Saliaribus: After entering the city as an Assassin, killing one cat, and then losing his first battle (as well as his eye), Sal was left a little bit broken. He spent some time after the war just learning how to navigate with only half his eyesight. Now, upon realizing that the one cat he had lived for, Fovos, is missing and presumed captured or dead, he has made a vow, to himself and his lost friend, that he will find and rescue her, prompting his transfer into Stone Empire.
2. Zamirra: Zami has had her first brush with the concept of death; something she hadn't really heard of before. She began to wonder if her missing parents could be dead, but after a short talk with Uruki, she is still holding strong to her denial.
3. Maishia: Maishia had a small crisis after capturing a feline for the Hunters. She feels sympathy for cats that are being taken to a life in a cage, because she had lived her life before Massilia in a cage, but this didn't deter her from doing her duty as a Hunter and returning them to the city anyways.
4. Thoth: One of his few friends has vanished in the aftermath of the war, and Thoth doesn't know where she is or if he'll ever see her again. This doesn't deter his faith in his friend though, he believes that she is alive out there somewhere and has made a pendant almost identical to his own to give to her, a symbol of protection, and a promise that their friendship will last.
5. Nix: The war had been... strange. Afterwards, she was about ready to move on; as part of her everlasting quest to kill the cats that butchered her mentor and friend. But when the Fire Empire leader came to her, asking if she'd be a mentor... doubts formed in her mind. She met her would be apprentice, and she felt something, those two could relate to each other, maybe in a way that no one else could. And that was enough to convince the puma to stay.
6. Cerelia: In an attempt to ensure the safety of the cubs in the Ice Empire cub hideout, Cerelia slipped and hit her head on a rock, leaving her unconscious, and bleeding. She was rescued by a mystery cat and his cubs, and was healed to the best of their ability before she began trying to coax the family into joining Ice Empire.

*NOTE: I will also be putting everyone in EBC (with the exception of Cerelia, who is already on a drawn app she'll just get a tiny update c:), and a new Shadow Empire cat will soon appear :D


1. Caedis: The arrival of the Olum group has made her more than a little paranoid, but it hasn't changed her ultimate goal; to one day climb Mount Olympus and see for her own eyes if any godly beings watch over them from there.
2. Polemos: After essentially getting his hide handed to him by the Olum cats, Polemos has grown conflicted. The monster in the cage in the back of his mind; a creature of violence and bloodshed, may be his only hope of defeating Olum cats in battle. But if he let the monster loose.... would he be able to control himself? It was something his mate had hated, it was something that he promised her and himself that would never be free again... Is the cost worth the gain to drive out this strange group of visitors?
3. Vladislav: The move to the new territory is a exciting and fun experience for Vlad, unlike most of the other Oluman. New possibilities are laid out wide for the amur leopard, and he just hopes that in this strange and new land, that he will meet someone who is strong enough to be a challenge for him.

*NOTE: All of these cats will be getting put on drawn apps, as well as a new character coming soon ;P


1. Willow: She is still working on learning her herbs, and she's beginning to make friends withing her district. She still has a lot to learn, but Willow is becoming more and more okay with the idea of maybe having an apprentice of her own.
2. I will be putting at least two more characters in the next opening :3
3. I am going to be working with some of the admins in the group for a special event :P
4. Adoptables?
5. NPCs??
6. DRAWN APP???!!!


1. Celestia: I will be doing SO MUCH ART for her!
2. New characters!!!!
3. I may make a few adoptables for the group ^^
4. I will probably also design a few NPCs :D


Now, lastly, a mini life update. So.... I lost internet for a little while, but I got it back, then lost it, then got it back, and now it's super back ahahahaha. I doubt I will be losing my internet again any time soon. I am now the proud owner of my own car, and I've driven about 6 hours total in it, and I would just have to say that I did pretty good, and it shouldn't be long before I get my license! :D I'm thinking about enrolling for college, and I think I already know what I wanna get a degree in (although I may have to create this degree!). I would like to get my degree in animal psychology. So lots of animal behavior classes and ecology and LOTS of STUFF!!! I'm also working on actually finishing a book so I can attempt to get published, but that will still probably take a while ^^'' Other than that, I'm looking for some sort of job involving animals, really just about anything that isn't Vet stuff because that's just sad ;-; So.... yeh. That's what is happening with me ^^ 

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